In Love with Innsbruck! Driving Through The Alps

Alright, we’re going to just come out and say it: You haven’t truly traveled to Europe if you haven’t driven through the Alps. Driving through the Alps is just one part of a great European roadtrip, but we’ll share more of our route and experiences in later posts!

Must Stops

Like our usual “must see” list, these are the places you absolutely, definitely, no-questions-asked, have to stop at on your road trip through the Alps.

Innsbruck, Austria

Processed With DarkroomWe are not exaggerating one bit when we say this experience was jaw-dropping. On our drive from Italy to Germany, at the tail end of our 11 day Eurotrip in 2016, we decided to make a random stop in Innsbruck, Austria.

From the heart of the city center you are able to take a cable car to the top of the mountain to experience these stunning and unbelievable mountain top views. The highest point sits at 7,401 ft, boasting panoramic views among the clouds. It literally feels like you are on top of the world up there!

It’s a bit pricey at 34 euros or $40 per person to get to the top of the mountain, but it was worth every penny! Be sure to carve out about 3-4 hours of your day to fully experience the beauty this landscape has to offer. You can even dine at a restaurant at the top of the range! Our pictures don’t even begin to do Innsbruck justice.

Processed With Darkroom

Processed With Darkroom

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Neuschwanstein Castle


Located less than 2 hours from Innsbruck, the Neuschwanstein castle is a sight to behold.  Built in the late 1800’s by a crazy recluse king, the castle is one of the most beautiful in all of Europe.

Warning: It’s quite a hike (~30 minutes, steep roads) to get up to the castle and you should allow for plenty of time to both hike to the castle and to hike the surrounding trails (where this picture was taken).

Does the castle also look somewhat familiar?  It should! Walt Disney modeled his Magic Kingdom castle after this one!

Lake Zurich

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Lake Zurich and the area immediately around this Swiss city are immensely beautiful.  The water is perfectly clear and the background of the Swiss Alps makes every picture unbelievably beautiful, no filter required.  Driving on highway 52 or highway 3 will provide you the best views of both Lake Zurich and the plentiful other lakes in the region.



Bet this one caught you by surprise! If you aren’t familiar: Liechtenstein is a German-speaking 25km long principality between Austria and Switzerland with a population of less than 40,000 residents.

Despite it’s size, Liechtenstein is worth a stop on your trip between Austria and Switzerland.  Make sure to see Vaduz Castle, the oldest part of which was built in the 12th century (!).

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