Los Angeles for an Indian Wedding!

A few weekends ago (we are finally over the jet lag) Meagan and I traveled from DC to Los Angeles for our first Indian Wedding.  Needless to say, we were excited!

Meagan repping her favorite Scott’s Cheap Flights shirt!

We had spent weeks picking out the right outfits, reading up on the customs and ceremonies, and planning what we’d do in our limited time outside of the 3-day-ceremony (!)

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Outside the Newport Beach Marriott

Laguna Beach

If you ever find yourself in the Newport Beach or Laguna Beach area, we highly recommend taking a short detour to the Top of the World.  You’ll weave through the California hills for a few miles as you drive by multi-million dollar houses perched on the hillside and the still-famous Laguna Beach High School.

Once you finally reach the top, you’ll have a beautiful view of the Laguna Beach and Newport Beach area to the west and the entire Los Angeles valley to the north and east.

It’s truly one of those views and experiences that you can’t put into words (or pictures!)


Indian Wedding

Wow!!!!! That pretty much sums up our 3-day Indian wedding experience.


From the opening Baraat ceremony (featuring a Lamborghini of course) to the 3 hour traditional wedding ceremony to the reception, complete with requisite traditional dances, the experience was one to remember!

Both Meagan and I went all out for the festivities, donning multiple traditional outfits over the course of the weekend.

We had an amazing time and wish Nikhil and Aruna the best for a future of happiness!




Pacific Coast Highway

IMG_0312-1 2.JPG

If you travel to the LA area and you’ll have some time to kill, spend the extra money on a convertible!  We sprung for this Camaro convertible and never looked back.

Over the weekend, we drove several hundred miles on the Pacific Coast Highway, one of the most scenic roads in the United States.  We didn’t get as much time as we would like (see Indian Wedding above), but we’ll definitely be back to do a multi-day trip up or down the Californian coast in the near future.

Santa Monica and Venice Beach

After the wedding, Meagan had to return to work but I got to stick around and work with a few of my colleagues on the West Coast.  I stayed in the Venice Beach area and worked in Santa Monica.  Located only about 30 minutes from LAX, these beaches are some of the fastest and easiest to get to.

Both Venice Beach and Santa Monica have great boardwalks and piers.  In Venice, you’ll find an impressive and picturesque canal system (hence the name) and also famous landmarks like Muscle Beach.  Venice also is well-known for it’s street performers and skateparks.  Venice is also a little more on the gritty side.

Santa Monica is a bit more upscale and quiet than Venice.  In Santa Monica, you’ll find a quintessential California pier, with a roller coaster and other carnival attractions.





Chances are that scooters have already invaded your city, but Santa Monica is where it all started! There are no less than 4 brands of scooters and bike shares in both Santa Monica and Venice.

Venice has taken a decidedly capitalist approach (almost no regulation), making a scooter by far the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to get around.

Things are a bit more buttoned-up regulation-wise in Santa Monica (see scooter parking below), but scooters are still a great way to get around.


I highly recommend grabbing one and riding the beach path from Santa Monica down to the Venice pier.  The winding path takes you path all the major landmarks and offers impressive coastal views from start to finish.

Just be careful to watch out for runners, skateboards, bikers, and oblivious tourists who wander across the path!



What Are Your LA Favorites?

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