Hoboken: Life on the Hudson

Welcome to Hoboken!

This weekend, we traveled to Hoboken, NJ.  We actually have been to Hoboken a LOT over the past few years visiting our best friend, but we thought it was time to finally write a post about what we love about this small city on the Hudson!

If you aren’t familiar with Hoboken, it’s in New Jersey directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan, just a quick ferry bus or train ride into the city. But it feels a world away from the skyscrapers in the distance with a small town laid back neighborhood vibe.


Things to Do

Hoboken is very well known for it’s food scene.  So you may notice that our “things to do” follows theme closely.  Hope you enjoy (and don’t get too hungry!)

Visit the Delis

  • Vito’s: It’s hard to go wrong with any one of Vito’s speciality heroes, but we’d recommend the Chicken Florentine, Garden State or the Soprano.  At the very least, make sure to get a sandwich with ‘Mutz (that’s Mozzarella for the uninitiated – Hoboken has a Mutz festival every year too, but that’s a whole other blog post!)


Grab a Bagel (or a Dozen!)

On pretty much every block (maybe even every 3rd store) there is a bagel shop.  Like the Deli scene, it’s hard to go wrong with bagels in Hoboken, but here are a few of our favorites.  Make sure to get a few extra to take home! If Alex had his way he would eat bagels for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • OBagel: Alex usually goes for the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese, but if you’re looking for something a little on the lighter side, OBagel offers an incredible selection of over 20 different types of cream cheese!


  • Bagels on the Hudson: While OBagel is our first pick, Bagels on the Hudson is open 24 hours/day which is very important when you’re looking for a bite on your way back from Manhattan. This shop is no frills but also has a pretty long line (whether it be at 9 am or 3 am).

Stevens Campus

Hoboken isn’t ALL about food! Make sure to venture onto the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology, an engineering school nestled along the Hudson and the middle of Hoboken.


Take the Ferry to the City

This past weekend, we did something we had never done before in Hoboken.  We took the ferry to the city.  While it was on the more expensive side ($9 one-way), the city skyline at night + the speed of the trip (10 minutes) made it a fun way to get across the river.

Pick up the ferry at 14th street, they run every ~30 minutes on the weekend and you can buy tickets right where you get picked up.

Bryant Park Skating Rink

Happy Holidays

We hope you and yours have a great holiday season with friends and family!  Thank you for reading Mitten to Munich and we promise to keep sharing tips and tricks in the New Year!



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