Deep Creek, MD: Winter Wonderland

This past weekend, we travelled with 10 friends to Deep Creek, MD.  Deep Creek is just about as far as you can travel west in Maryland and a 3 hour drive from DC.

Where to Stay

Deep Creek is FULL of vacation homes and they are all very affordable, especially with a large group.  We booked through Taylor Made and our house came to about $130/person for 2 nights.

Just make sure to either bring/rent a 4WD car/truck or park on the street.  The driveways are treacherous and we definitely got super stuck!


What to Do

  1. Invite Lots of Friends!

Like almost anything, the Winter Wonderland of Deep Creek is more fun with friends!  We had a group of 10 and had a great time playing games, watching football, and venturing out into the snowy wilderness.


2. Take a Nature Walk

Deep Creek is beautiful year-round.

Make sure you take advantage of the abundance of nature and simply walk around in the woods.  We went on a quick walk and found what must be one of the most picturesque rivers in the United States.


3. Ski/Snowboard at Wisp

During the Winter, Wisp Ski Resort is the major attraction in Deep Creek.

Although it can’t compete with the mountains in Vermont, Canada, or out West, Wisp holds its own as one of the best mountains in the MD, VA, WV region.

unnamed (4).jpg

Where to Eat

Deep Creek has surprisingly good food and drink options for a resort town.

We’d highly recommend both Dutch’s at Silvertree and Ace’s Run.  Both offer great views of the lake, a hearty winter menu and great local beers on tap.

They are the perfect places to stop as you get to town or for a late lunch after a day on the slopes!


Get Outside and Enjoy the Winter!

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